Ranked #1 Attraction on TripAdvisor
December 4, 2013

Do you know what one of the top rated attractions in Miami is on TripAdvisor? Lock & Load Miami has risen through the ranks and is currently ranked as the #1 attraction on the world’s largest travel site! Lock & Load provides a unique adrenaline-filled experience that is 100% safe and staffed by trained law enforcement professionals.

If you aren’t familiar with Lock & Load, it’s South Florida’s premier machine gun experience and state-of-the-art shooting range. Located in Miami’s Wynwood district, Lock & Load offers the nation’s greatest variety of fully automatic firearms with over 25 machine guns available for use in themed packages and a la carte. Locals and tourists (domestic and international) can experience the adrenaline rush of fully automatic firearms in a safe and private environment under the direct supervision of trained professionals.

Here are some reviews from actual clients on TripAdvisor:

“I was in town on a business trip and the concierge of my hotel highly recommended Lock & Load Miami. I went over there not knowing what to expect other than I would get the opportunity to shoot fully automatic machine guns. My prior experience was limited having only shot a handgun but the instructor at L&L made me feel very comfortable with some instruction prior to shooting. I chose the Special Forces Israel package. My favorite gun was the Uzi, which was surprisingly easy to handle and cool since it’s a classic in so many movies. The place is clean and modern, which wasn’t what I was expecting for a shooting range. I would highly recommend this attraction and look forward to shooting some more machine guns the next time I come into town!” -DDPPs, Brooklyn, NY

“While on business in Miami we took a break and visited lock and load Miami, not being a gun enthusiast i was a little apprehensive about going however my fellow workers dragged me along with them. it turned out to be one of the best experiences i ever had from the moment we walked in we were greeted by a staff that was professional and quite knowledgeable about there product. they went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and safe in there environment. I got to shoot 3 different types of machine guns and what a rush it was.At no time did an instructor ever leave my side from the time i walked into the range area until we walked out the door. I encourage anyone who has a little extra time while in Miami to stop by lock and load and experience what i did, a terrific experience and a great time. 5 STARS FOR SURE” -Alan E, Lake Forest, Il.

“Had a great time shooting the machine guns at this place. I live in Miami and it’s hard to find a unique experience. They also have a member’s side so I now have a clean place to shoot reactive targets…so much better than shooting paper and it’s a frangible only range which means it’s lead free. It’s in Wynwood so it’s great to go early and then grab a bite to eat in the area.”  -Adam O, Miami, FL

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