Am I allowed to shoot a gun if I’m not from the United States?
Yes. We accept customers from all over the world. Please just bring a valid ID like a passport or local Drivers License. You do not need a special firearms license.
Can I just shoot hand guns?
No. The thing that makes us unique is that we offer fully automatic machine guns. Customers can add on handguns to packages but cannot only shoot hand guns.
Can I add rounds or additional machine guns to packages?
Yes. You can add as many magazines or machine guns as you want.
I have never shot a gun before. Does that matter?
No. Our instructors can adapt to all levels of experience and provide one-on-one instruction. We also create a non-intimidating environment that is perfect for first timer shooters.
I have never shot before. Which package should I choose?
Any package is okay for a beginner, even the Automatic Gratification. Our instructors will be there with you at all times to teach you how to shoot each firearm. None of the packages are considered “beginner” packages because they are all acceptable.
I am an experienced shooter. Can I shoot machine guns on my own without an instructor?
No. Customers will be paired with one of our instructors who will be with you at all times during the machine gun experience.
Do I need to select my package when I make a reservation or can I decide when I get there?
You do not need to select a package in advance. Our sales associates will explain the menu to you and help you pick the most appropriate packages and firearms.
Can I split a package with someone else?
No, the packages are per person and cannot be split.
Is there an age limit?
Yes, you must be 18 years of age with a valid identification document to shoot. Children must be 10 or older with a parent or legal guardian in order to shoot. Younger kids can come to our facility with parents but cannot go into the range.
Can I select the Cadet Package if I am older than thirteen (13) years old?
The Cadet Package is intended for 10 to 13 year olds so older customers cannot select this package.
Do your instructors speak Spanish?
Yes, some of our sales staff and Firearms Specialists speak Spanish.
Do I need to reserve a lane in advance for the machine gun experience?
No, but we highly recommend it. During peak times, there will likely be a wait for those without reservations. Also, customers with reservations will have priority over walk-in customers.
Do I need to purchase a machine gun package or can I just pick which firearms I’d like to shoot from the A La Carte menu?
Customers have the option to pick the themed machine gun packages or create their own package from the A La Carte menu. If customers pick from the A La Carte menu, there is a minimum of three (3) machine guns. You cannot do the machine gun experience with only one or two machine guns.
Can my friends come into the range to watch me shoot the machine guns?
A shooter can have one (1) friend or family member with them in the shooting range to take photos or videos. To ensure proper safety, we cannot allow additional spectators within the range. However, your additional party members will be able to watch through the viewing windows.
Can I take pictures or video?
Yes. A friend or family member can take photos and videos within the range.
Do you provide eye and ear protection?
Yes, we do at no extra charge.
What is a “round?”
A round is a bullet. When we refer to “25 rounds,” it is the same as 25 bullets.
When do you take your last Machine Gun Experiences for the day?
We take our last customers one hour before closing time. Therefore, the last reservation will be 7 pm Monday through Saturday and 5 pm on Sundays.
What attire do you recommend?
There are no requirements but we would recommend that you wear closed toe shoes and avoid tank tops as there will be hot brass flying around.
Can I reserve the VIP room if my party is over 6 people?
Yes. Just let us know when you make a reservation. There is no additional fee for the VIP room.
Is your facility ADA accessible?
Yes, the premises are on one level and we have ADA bathrooms and an ADA shooting booth.
Is the facility air-conditioned?
Yes, all of the rooms including the shooting range are climate controlled, which will come in handy during the hot summer months.
Do you offer shuttle rides from hotels?
At this time, we do not. The good thing is that our location is close to downtown, midtown Miami and Miami Beach so it’s an easy drive or cab to our facility.
Can I come to your range to shoot after having a few drinks at a bar?
No. We will have no tolerance for anyone coming to the range after using drugs or alcohol and our instructors with years of law enforcement experience take this very seriously.




Can I bring my own firearms to shoot?
Only members can bring their own firearms. Click on the link to learn How To Become A Member
Do you offer training courses? Do you have instructors for private training?
We have a classroom that can accommodate at least 20 students and we regularly provide training options to our Members.
Do you sell firearms?
Yes, we are a Sig Sauer dealer and we also sell a variety of other firearms.
Can I bring my own ammunition?
No. For those of you who want to become Members and bring your own firearms to shoot on the members-only lanes, you must purchase our lead-free, frangible ammo.
What are the range rules?
Click on this link to access the RANGE RULES.
Can I store my firearm at your facility?
We do not offer this service at this time.
Do you offer firearm cleaning and repair services?
Yes. We have gunsmiths who can clean and repair guns for a fee.